Offset your flights carbon emissions by the planting of trees around the world on approved properties, working with landholders committed to environmental repair.
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When you purchase offsets for your flights with us we’ll tell you where the trees are planted, show you photographs of the trees, introduce you to the landholders looking after your trees and every 6 months after planting we’ll email you an update about the trees you’ve helped plant and their journey to making a difference.

Where we plant trees

Texas, USA

Goal 2500 Trees.

Selah Springs Ranch in Texas has 42 native species of trees and requires 21 more to have all native species found on the last in the past restored. Please help Phil and Andrea reach this target.

Johannesburg, SA

Goal 1000 Trees

AWIA (African Women in Agriculture) was formed by five women in response to the skills and knowledge gap for women in the agricultural industry. We want to plant trees on our 10H property.

NSW, Australia

Goal 2500 Trees

The Mcdonald Family Farm has been in my family for over 150 years.We’re planting trees to create a wildlife corridor for koalas and to reduce soil and landscape erosion.

Kisongo, Tanzania

Goal 5000 Trees

The project creates mutual benefits for the people and the land as we plant the trees and pastures that capture carbon dioxide, fixing the soil nutrients and regenerating the degraded land for cattle.

How we Offset.

We offset all flights through the planting of trees on farmland around the world.

Where we Offset.

Farmers provide us access to 40% of the world landmass for land regeneration.


Every tree is QR coded, GPS tagged and photographed for proof of planting.

Reporting & ESG

Six monthly reports meeting ESG auditor requirements are a key component of our system.

Natures solution to excess C02.

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