Travel Agents provides a unique opportunity to those who wish to share the concept of offsetting flights and rewards people/business financially for helping sell offsets.

All funds generated through the sale of offsets purchased through are collated and used to plant trees on land in numerous countries. The accumulation of funds also covers a 5 year maintenance package to ensure the tree survives and captures as much CO2 as possible.

When you register as an Affiliate we create an Account for you from which you can work directly with your clients to help them offset their flights and earn yourself a wonderful commission. We will provide you with links you can share directly with clients to introduce them to Each flight you offset will earn you a 28% commission if the client isn’t already an affiliate of EcoForce Global, our parent program.

These commissions are paid monthly in your local currency directly into your bank account. These commissions are paid if the person buying the Offset or tree is NOT themselves an Affiliate of EcoForce Global. Reduced commissions are paid if this is the case.

Register as an Affiliate Travel agent here

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