Planting Sites

EcoForce Global & EcoForce Australia plant trees all around the world.

Through our partnerships with farmers, we have access to millions of acres of land to plant trees and help regenerate the landscapes. We currently have demand for over 3 Million trees.

When we plant trees we follow this process.

Step 1 : We work only with farmers committed to regenerating landscapes through adoption of regenerative agricultural (Regen Ag) processes and planting trees.

Step 2: We work closely with local plant nurseries near our planting sites to gain local knowledge, local supply of species native to the planting site and supporting local businesses. This working local philosophy also helps cut down our corporate Co2 emissions.

Step 3 : We work with local Not for Profits, mainly in the environmental area to help us plant these trees. These volunteer organisations are paid by us to plant these trees and in doing so receive valuable funds which can be used for other eco projects, many that have been lacking funding for years.

Step 4: All trees are QR coded, GPS tagged, photographed and protected from the weather elements. These features provide excellent transparency and accounting rigor.

Step 5: Our farmers check and report on the trees each six months to substantiate growth and tree existence. Many trees sadly die after planting and our policy of replanting dead trees is backed up by this farmer interaction. These reports from farmers help companies with ESG compliance but also establish EcoForce’s reputation as a credible tree planting organisation with a long term goal.

Step 6 : Our farmers are rewarded each 6 months for their report for a period of 5 years from first planting. These funds are committed by the farmer to covering Regenerative Ag adoption costs.

These processes support our corporate philosophy to support existing organisations, knowledge experts and communities who know their environments and can help maximise our support.

All trees are 100% guaranteed for the first 5 years of their life, if they die or are burnt they will be replaced by us.

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