I work for Travel Agent, can I share this with my clients?

Yes of course you can. In fact you may wish to consider becoming an Advocate of EcoForce Global and generating an income for your agency for every client you signup and who offsets through your or their accounts. Click here to sign up as an Advocate.

How can we access data for ESG reporting?

Once you are logged into your company account you will see a summary of your account linked transactions for the last 30, 90, 180 and 365 days. You can also download a pdf of all of these transactions and the summary.

How do I open a company account?

Company accounts are free to open. You can create an account through this link. Once you have registered your company account, you as the creator are then able to share a link with each of your team members so they so can register and when they offset their flights through OffsetYourFlight.com, the cumulative credits will …

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